About us

Windshield replacement on: ○ passenger cars; ○ SUVs; ○ minibuses; ○ trucks; ○ agricultural and construction machinery; We work with each client individually, so we can offer the most optimal variant. For the convenience of the customer, we can take a car ourselves and return to the specified place.


We strive to think and work differently, to be our customers’ partners, who can evaluate the situation and provide an advice of the best solution, who can discuss the problems and help to solve them efficiently. In view of our long-time experience, we are proud to have many valuable customers and partners who know us well, appreciate and respect us. Also, we appreciate our competitors, – continually inviting them to become our partners, – for they help us to remain vigilant and cause us to move ahead steadily and with a great success. Our partners and customers can be guaranteed of our professionalism, partnership and the strong and experienced team collaboration.