Glass tinting

Few can do it themselves quickly and with high quality. Often, if the film installation is of poor quality, it brings more harm than benefits, therefore, entrust this work to professionals.

Enhances the appearance of the vehicle: The car looks beautiful and acquires its own style, which is impossible to create by any other means. Delicate and precise. Luxurious and mysterious. Classical and dear.

Increases comfort: All films more or less, depending on the type, reflect sun rays. Our film protects against glare and keeps as much as 2/3 of the heat off the car interior.

Protects passengers: In the event of a car accident when the window is broken, the professionally installed film keeps the dangerous glass shards in the door frame. Furthermore, our company’s film blocks up to 99% of UV rays which are harmful for human skin and eyes.

Protects your car: This is a great investment against depreciation of your car. Blocking 99% of UV rays, the film safeguards your interior from fading and protects the panel, sound equipment, also extending the service time of rubber, plastic and wooden parts. This keeps your vehicle in a good marketable condition.

Visibility: Many think that it is difficult to drive a car with tinted windows at night. But the original car factories install in their vehicles “dark” windows with the light penetration of 15—20%. Hence, if the car is tinted with a film up to 15% of light penetration, this will not impede visibility neither when driving in the daylight nor in the dark. Windows tinted with the American film helps to decrease the glare of the sun and snow, also neutralizes headlights of other vehicles.

AUTOMOTIVE SECURITY FILM We live in the world that is truly unsafe. In less than five seconds, a thief can shatter your car window and rob you of your valuables. The security film installed by our professionals will stop the thief. When the glass is broken, it will stay in the door frame and this will slow the access to the vehicle interior. The increased time to break in, an additional noise, and the triggered car alarm draws attention of passers-by and makes the thief to run away. Protect your valuables!